Audience Measurement - Market research /analyst

David has used his market research /analyst skills to help networks create new programs and grow viewership.  David produced this short video as part of a training system for new research interviewers.  It explains some of the techniques used to provide feedback on "The Simpsons," "Oprah," and "Star Trek the Next Generation."

The techniques described have not changed... but now we have tools to reach customers and report results in a much faster way.

Other Studies

Focus Groups

Focus Groups for Sentara Medical Group helped identify customer service issues and best practices for follow up care at one of their elective-care facilities.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Annual customer satisfaction market research surveys for local media companies help identify consumer trends and help build effective marketing campaigns to grow audience and revenue.  He can design and moderate focus groups and then use his market research /analyst expertise to help you learn how to grow your business.

David has created dozens of such surveys and  managed literally thousands of related interviews.

Customer Intercept Interviews

Sometimes, it's just best to observe customers in a retail setting and then follow up with questions.  David has designed and executed such studies.