Songs! Shows! Books! Commercials!

Songs! Shows! Books! Commercials!

Songs! Shows! Books! Commercials!Songs! Shows! Books! Commercials!

Video Productions Services - The Virginia Peninsula

This program is edited down from a longer, wide screen theater presentation created for the opening of a new media center  on the Virginia Peninsula.  David handled script writing duties and served as video director.  Principal photography and editing by Steve Scheffler.  Aerial photography by Jimmy Olivero.

A Colorful World

This campaign was created to promote a newspaper converting to all-color printing.  The launch was held in an art museum where live artists painted giant front page images.  Local politicians and shakers were onhand as video storytelling explained the value of color.  One of the highlights was an endorsement from one of the last surviving munchkins from "The Wizard of Oz."  He was part of a coloring contest that helped promote the launch.  This is just one of many marketing videos we've created.

Sales Video

 Here are highlights of one of David's industrial videos.  In this case, customer insight showed that communities were concerned with ever-decreasing graduation rates.  Advance Path had a proven system and many students and parents willing to praise the system.   Script writing and video productions services on both coasts was done on budget and on time.  We can coodinate with video production companies in your area.

Choice Awards

Here are highlights of a local Reader's Choice program.  The event is held annually and includes a red carpet reception, local artists and celebrities, and is broadcast on the CBS affiliate.


Here's an interview we did with one of the last surviving Munchkins from the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz."  Meinhardt Raabe was an entertainer, had a degree in marketing, and was a civilian pilot protecting the East Coast during World War II!