Innovative Educational Programs that Elighten and Entertain


"The Search for Gold" teaches that respect for others is the greatest treasure.

"The Search for Gold" is a musical, anti-bullying program that was commissioned by the Holocaust Commission.  They were looking for script writing from someone with educational theater experience.  They turned to David because his innovative educational programs have become a "go-to" resource for educators across Hampton Roads.  Other faith-based shows include:

  • Noah's Floating Zoo
  • Jonah


A diverse cast from "Footsteps in History."

"From the Sea to the Sky" was commissioned by "Jamestown 2007" to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in North America.  The show combined stories of Native American people, the arrival of the first African Americans, and the continuing struggle to find freedom for all.  Other history shows include:

  • Footsteps in History - A whirlwind overview of important characters in US history
  • Make a  Big Splash!  - the first flight around the globe


Tuskegee Airman Ezra Hill narrated our program "From the Sea to the Sky."

"Follow Me" tells of the exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen.  Commissioned by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, it is presented annually in Washington DC and in schools across the East Coast.  Other biographical shows include:

  • See Us Fly - The Wright Brothers
  • Take a Giant Leap - Space Travel


Chessie the Manatee stars in one of David Messick's most popular programs.

The Virginia Aquarium commissioned "The Amazing Adventures of Chessie the Manatee" to tell of the real life adventures of a Florida Manatee who visited Virginia.  It is filled with life-sized puppet recreations of real sea life.  Other science programs include:

  • Amazon Adventures
  • The Wetland Revue
  • The Really Big Dinosaur Show
  • Creatures Great and Small


Mickey Rooney starts in "A Pirate Party" and many other shows by David Messick.

The Blackbeard Pirate Festival commissioned David to create a children's program for the festival's launch.  "Pirate Party" was the result and the program featured a legendary vocal cast...  Oscar Winner Mickey Rooney and Tony Award Winner Carol Channing.  Other fun progrmas include new musical adaptations of these well-known stories:

  • Toyland!
  • The Mother Goose Revue
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Hansel and Gretel *
  • The Land of Oz*

*Written with Larry Barker

What's Next?

A huge crowd arrived to see the Rainbow Puppets at the National Air and Space Museum.

With over 125 songs and over 20 original productions, we may have a script ready for you right now.  If  David hasn't already written one, he can create a program for your group and event.  Many of these shows are currently on tour with Rainbow Puppet Productions

Songs and Music Samples by David Messick